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Speaking life through imagery & design.
"Amber is one of the most creative individuals I know! She has a way of capturing 'in the moment' emotions and memories through her lens and outside the box thinking. She did a photoshoot for my T-shirts (Makli Brand) & the images came out amazing and captured the vision I wanted for the launch. She is definitely one of a kind and she is intentional about making her services feel that way as well!"

Rose Chery

Owner, Makli Brand
Amber did an amazing job on my logo. I communicated my idea to her and she brought it to life exactly the way I wanted it. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Dinécia Sterling

Owner, Cafe ParaDee

Featured Projects

What If You Died
for 4 Minutes?

Just What If? by Allan Hall
Filming & Editing for Allan's testimony. 

In June 2022, Allan Hall suffered a pulmonary embolism and was rushed to the Hospital. He lay dead for 4 minutes, unresponsive to every effort from the doctors and nurses. But God wasn't finished.

Waterwalker Co.

A Prophetic Clothing Brand
My personal clothing brand, and my favorite project of all time. 

Branding, web design, & clothing design for the faith-based clothing brand, Waterwalker Co.

Inspired by the original Waterwalker, Jesus.

The Blessed Overcomer

The Todd & Laura Shoemaker Story
Photography & Cover design for The Blessed Overcomer book by Todd & Laura Shoemaker. A memoir documenting Todd's journey through suffering from multiple illnesses for over 17 years. Order your copy today!
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